• BERA Qumes 3w1 wózek dziecięcy z fotelikiem 0m+ kolor Noir Black Bruno

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Qumes Bera Combi Pram 3 in 1 Complete Set 

Bera is the latest model of the Qumes brand with a stylish look and trendy colors for today's modern parents! The Pram Bera is a practical pram with a modern design. This pram can be used anywhere like in the city, on the beach, in the forest or on muddy roads. Thanks to the large wheels, which have front and rear suspension systems, the baby carriage stays stable on uneven substrates, allowing the little one to keep calm. The front wheels have a shock catching system in case you drive over a stone or high edge.

The tires are manufactured with the new Gel-Six nano technology. As a result, the tire responds to a tire which absorbs shocks better. The biggest advantage is that you do not have to pump the tires with the Gel-Six nano technology system and therefore they are maintenance free.


The frame of the Bera is made of Light-Aluminum. As a result, it's a light frame that's easy to move and ride with, so the new mothers can easily walk with their little ones. The frame is completely black, which is currently very trendy. This frame has a central brake that can brake the 2 rear wheels in one pressure. Below the frame is a large shopping basket. There are 2 zips that allow you to store your message and property. The push rod is also made of Eco-leather which can also be adjusted to the desired height. The front wheels can easily be rotated 360 degrees with a simple button, while driving or fastening. The frame has been approved according to EU standards EN1888.


The carrycot can easily be clicked on the frame with one click. The fabric of the mattress is made of Aloe Vera pressing fabric which has many health benefits for your little one. The sunshade supplied with this travel cot has a ventilation 'window' which makes it easy for your little one to give a little cooling during the summer. At the bottom of the travel cushion there is a button that allows you to easily adjust the headrest slightly higher or lower, which makes it easier for your baby to swallow the baby less quickly.


The Bera Car Seat group 0+ comes with a footcover. This car seat includes adapters that allow you to confirm the car seat on the pushchair. With the use of special fabric, the car seat has a tough look. This car seat has been approved according to EU standards ECE R44 / 04 Standards.


This set also comes with a beautiful large diaper bag that can also be easily used as a trendy bag! The bag is made fabric. This diaper bag can easily be hung on the frame or used as a shoulder bag with its hidden pendants.


The sports seat can be used from 6 months with a 45 degree backrest. From 9 months your little child may sit upright or be in the seat. This baby carriage also includes a suitable sunshade and a footcover. The seat has an adjustable footrest that comes with extra thick fabric that can easily wash out. The backrest can be adjusted in 4 different positions so your child can also lie horizontally. In the seating area you can fasten your child with the 5-point seat belt. A winter footbag is also provided, which makes it easy for you to put in your seat.



IMPORTANT: With all of these 3 parts, the carrycot, Car Seat 0+ and Sportseat allow you to turn all in the direction of travel or to yourself while driving the stroller.


The materials used are of high quality - all materials are allowed

Öko-Tex Standard.



Features Sports seat:

Adjustable footrest

The chair is made of lightweight material

Adjustable backrest

Removable and adjustable drop bumper in the seat

Adjustable 5-point seat belt

Adjustable solar hood

Extra fleece mattress

Coat fabric Öko-Tex Standard

Supplied thin footbag

Included thick insulated winter footbag

Front or rear mounting positions

Size of seat: L x H x B: 19 cm x 43 cm x 36 cm


Features Frame:

Light aluminum frame

Latest technology Nano Gel-Six tires

Central brake

Included cup holder

360 degrees rotating front wheels

Eco-leather handlebar

Pushbutton adjustable at desired height

Size of frame opened: L x H x B: 100cm x 80 / 118cm x 58cm

Size frame closed: L x H x B: 92cm x 30cm x 58cm

Weight frame: 9kg

Large shopping basket


Features Carrycot:

Fabric of mattress Aloë Vera fabric persing

Solar hood with ventilation for cooling

Main support adjustable

Coat fabric Öko-Tex Standard

Hard plastic bottom, protects against wind

Dimensions: L x H x B: 87cm x 66cm x 37cm

Weight: 4.7 kg

Front or rear mounting positions


Features Car seat 0+:

  • Car seat Group 0+ 0-10 kg

  • ECE R44 / 04 European approved

  • Included Confirmation Adapters (Baby Carriage)

  • Adjustable 3-point seat belts

  • Supplied footbag

  • Bearing lever adjustable

  • Detachable cover.

  • Coat fabric Öko-Tex Standard

  • Adjustable sunshade

  • Forward or rear mounting positions

  • Dimensions: L x H x B: 71cm x 30 / 58cm x 44cm

  • Weight: 3.5kg

  • Included Rain Cover

  • Included Mosquito Net


This kit comes with the following accessories and parts:

1. Travel cradle

2. Sports seat + footbag

3. Car seat 0+ with footbag

4. Frame with Gel-Six tires

5. Shopping basket on the frame

6. Aluminum frame

7. Cup holder

8. Diaper bag

9. Rain cover

10. The mosquito net


11. Isolated winter footbag

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